Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bulletin: Tommy Zeigler; Florida; His attorneys are asking for DNA testing — again, at a hearing proceeding today, reports the Orlando Sentinel

"Attorneys for Tommy Zeigler will argue today that additional DNA testing of bloodstains on the convicted murderer's shirt will exonerate him in the 1975 Christmas Eve slaying of Zeigler's family inside his Winter Garden furniture store. It's the second time Zeigler, who's been on death row for nearly two decades, is asking for the analysis in recent years. The Florida Supreme Court denied his last request in 2013. Prosecutors oppose the request."

See recent post of this Blog at the link below: Bulletin: Tommy Zeigler; Florida; Zeigler, 70, has been on death row for 40 years for two death sentences and will try to convince a judge this month to order more DNA testing. (Professor Alec) Klein said the ongoing battle over DNA testing is intriguing, but there are questions over the accusation that Zeigler shot himself to appear as a victim. He would have had to of shot himself with his non-dominant hand, given the angle of the bullet wound, and would have possibly had to pull the trigger with his thumb. Zeigler’s previous attempts for further DNA testing failed because the courts ruled new tests would provide no new conclusive evidence."...WFTV;