Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bulletin: Dr. Aubrey Levin: Former forensic psychiatrist jailed 5 years for sex assaults on court-ordered former patients; CBC News;

STORY: "Calgary psychiatrist gets 5 years for sexual assault: Aubrey Levin sentenced for sexual assault on former patients," published by CBC News on January 31, 2013.

GIST:  "A Calgary judge has sentenced psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin to five years in jail for sexually assaulting three of his patients. "They came to you for help with their problems, instead you added to their problems," Justice Donna Shelley said Thursday. Levin, 74, has worked in the past as a court-appointed psychiatrist. All three victims were referred to Dr. Levin by the court.  Crown prosecutor Dallas Sopko had requested a prison term of six to eight years, citing Levin's position of trust, the vulnerability of victims, and the length and repetitive nature of the assaults as aggravating factors. Defence lawyer Chris Archer told the judge his client is guilty of "minor sexual assaults," and asked for an intermittent sentence of 90 days — a jail term only served on weekends."

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Canadian Press story: (Reporter Bill Graveland);  "Levin, who had remained out on bail since the verdict Monday night, was taken into custody after the sentence was read. He didn't bat an eye."

Calgary Herald story:  "(Co-defence lawyer) Molle said she expects an appeal to be filed within two weeks and the lawyers will seek Levin’s interim bail pending an appeal. She expects him to be in a medical unit in custody in the meantime......... Crown prosecutor Dallas Sopko, who had sought a sentence of six to eight years, said he and co-counsel Bill Wister were glad the case has come to some finality and were satisfied with the outcome, given all the circumstances in the case that originally was scheduled for about four weeks and took four months.........Sopko said he will go back to his office, reevaluate and decide whether or not to pursue the four counts that resulted in a hung jury."


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