STORY: "Dr. Levin guilty on three counts of sexually assaulting patients: Jury says not guilty on two charges; deadlocked on four others," by reporter Daryl Slade, published by the Calgary Herald on January 28, 2013.

GIST: "The jury in the Dr. Aubrey Levin trial has found the forensic psychiatrist guilty on three counts of sexually assaulting patients. They found him not guilty on two charges but were deadlocked on four others. Earlier this evening, they sent a note to the judge saying they had reached a verdict on five charges and were at an impasse on the rest. The jury came back to the courthouse at 6:15 p.m. after giving deliberations another try. They had told the judge Sunday night that they were hopelessly deadlocked, but Justice Donna Shelley exhorted them this morning to give it another go. For more than an hour, the jurors remained in the jury room at the courthouse this evening while the judge and lawyers discussed what to do. The defence was seeking a mistrial. The Crown was asking the judge to accept five verdicts and order a mistrial on other four charges."

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