Friday, January 20, 2012

Michael Arena: Flawed testimony of psychologist in sexual assault case before U.S. Supreme Court. Austin Chronicle;

STORY: "Arena case meets the Supremes: Will the Supremes find innocence sufficient for vindication?" by Jordan Smith, published earlier today in the Austin Chonicle.

GIST: "The court has several issues before it – including whether the expert testimony of Williamson County psychologist Fred Wil­lough­by was improperly allowed into evidence at Arena's sentencing hearing. Wil­lough­by testified that a psychological examination of Arena using the "Abel Assessment" demonstrated that he was a pedophile and would be dangerous if released on probation. The problem, in part, is that the Abel Assessment – a visual test that purports to identify sexual preference in young children – has not been shown to be effective for determining sexual leanings of juveniles. (The State Board of Examiners of Psycholo­gists subsequently sanctioned Willoughby for his failure to substantiate in-court opinions.) The state has argued – as it did last week – that Willoughby's inaccurate testimony had no impact on Arena receiving two decades behind bars."


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